Sunday, November 5, 2017

School is back in session!

We learned that Mrs. Stookey would be Cody's first grade teacher.  On August 31st, we went to meet the teachers.  Cody's desk was on the front row and was very happy to see that Wesley was right next to him.
We learned that 

 Decker jumping into the picture behind.

 and a silly one...
 The job board.  Cody gets to be a door holder first. 
 Then we went to Decker's 4th grade classroom.  Decker's teacher is Mrs. Rendahl.  We found Owen.  They are going to be in the same class!  YAY!!  Decker calls him Oweee.
 Decker and Mrs. Rendahl.  We heard from Roark that she is a strict teacher, but very nice. 
 First day of school is after Labor Day, September 6th.  They changed the hours of school.  School now starts at 9:30.  Their bus gets here about 8:50.  and they now get out at 4:00 and get home around 4:25.

 Dad stayed home till they got on the bus.
 Being silly...when asked to show what grade they are in...
 So glad to see friends that we've missed all summer.
 Decker, Aiden, Logan, Owen, Sava
 Cody and his best bud Wesley....sitting next to each other on the front row.

 Class is in session.  Mrs. Stookey getting things started.

 At Decker's class, each child are assigned a cubby.  Decker got Lucky number 7!
 There's dad getting Decker situated at his desk.
 We've had a smokey summer with all the fires in British Columbia and Oregon.  The sun gave us a hazy dusky morning
 And now school is out...home on the bus.

 And while they are at school, Kaylie finds her own entertainment.
 And at lunch time we had chicken tortilla soup.  And we are learning letters at home.  Do you see the letter that Kaylie sees?  She saw the letter "R"  I was amazed!!  She likes to read letters and numbers everywhere she sees them.  She points to each one as she reads them or has us read them.
 New Jammies
 Love time reading with Grandma!

 Even baby Abby gets to play

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday Cody!

This little guy wanted to have cereal, hot chocolate and egg nog for his birthday breakfast and he wanted to have it served to him in bed.  :)  He was so excited, he hardly ate any of his food or drinks.  He was student of the week in his class this week too, so he got to share things all about him for the week.  On day one he took a poster of pictures that we made all about him.  Tuesday he got to share his favorite toy...he chose to share a Pokemon stuffie.  On Wednesday, he got to have lunch with someone special...Auntie K and I went and had lunch with him in his cafeteria.  I had brought him a Subway sandwich, but he decided he wanted to "buy" lunch.  So he had a waffle, sausage patties and strawberries.  On Thursday he got to share and on Friday, he shared his favorite book-- a Goosebumps story.

 We put together a last minute birthday party and invited a few of his friends over for a BBQ dinner.  Cody told us he wanted a fidget cube and fidget spinner for his birthday.  That became his theme for his birthday.  I found a fidget Spinner cake idea online with some cupcakes.  Mike got these cool pop bottle labels.    "Bats Brew", "Zombie Tonic," "Spider Cider" and "Bone Juice".

 We got a SPIDER pinata and filled it with candy.  We had pin the tail on the donkey, and I found a great idea online on how to make fidget spinners with Origami paper made into ninja stars.  So we had a little craft table the the boys could make their own ninja start fidget spinners to take home.   I need to take a picture of the origami fidget spinners.  They turned out really cool.  Some of the boys only wanted the ninja stars.  :)  I also scored some $2.00 fidget spinners to give to all the kiddos who came over.  The theme came together nicely.
 We had seven boys over.. Liam, Lawson, Cameron, Luke, Wesley, Nathan and Roark.
 Here's our him!  We served Macaroni and Cheese with Hot dogs, Chicken burgers or hamburgers.  Everyone had something they liked.

 We played the "How many balloons can you pick up in 15 seconds"  Always a crowd pleaser.  Decker pulled his pants up for this one.  :)
 Then it was time for the pinata.  Everyone got a chance to kick and punch it!

 We sang happy birthday!  He wanted a chocolate cake with Vanilla frosting.  I also made some yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

 The fidget spinner cake is on lazy susan and actually spins.  ;)
 Little Esther  enjoyed a cupcake too.
 Roark and Decker hanging out!

 When I had lunch with Cody, he wanted Decker to eat with us too, but we didn't get the permission needed soon enough to arrange it.  Cody and Decker's lunch and recess are opposite times, so after Cody's lunch, he always goes and hugs Decker who is waiting in line to go to his lunch.  These boys are so sweet!

 Happy Birthday to this sweet boy!  It was a success!